Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The End

...of the Beginning, ie.

Hi, and welcome to my Online portfolio blog. I have just completed my animation demoreel with snippets from my student films at the Vancouver Film School, and some animation exercises that I have been working on.

Though primarily an animator and character designer, I have taken keen interest in rigging. And its been as fun as it has been interesting and challenging. I also find caricaturing, doodling and designing fulfilling. Its kinda hard to have everything going on with just 24 hours day, but I find that some organization and structure seem to be doing the trick.

I shall keep updating this portfolio blog with new animation, character designs, caricatures and my final rigs. i hope you like what you see.

You can view m latest animation demoreel, here.

I have also compiled a Line Test reel, with all my Classical Animation assignments while at school.

You can also view my student films here :

( you can click on the link and let them load, or you can Right-click and "Save LinkAs...", if using Mozilla Firefox or Right-click and "Save Target As...", if using Internet Explorer)

Animated Reel